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Hair tutorial: How I get my curls

Last month I shared some of my favorite hair products, and since then I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how I style my hair curly and what that process looks like. So, I thought, why not share a hair tutorial!




This video was super fun to shoot. As most know, wearing my hair curly is my typical go to. It can be a great look for super casual or super dressy! I use a wand curling iron. Here are all the details:


As promised in the video, here are the products I use daily:




If you try curling your hair, share photos with me!hair.JPG I’d love to see how it goes and what your hair looks like! You can find me on social media @fearlesseyes97 on Instagram and Twitter. 

If you have suggestions on things I should cover next please let me know! I look forward to making more YouTube videos. Happy curling!






  1. Thank you so much! I have the worst time keeping a curl in my hair. I am really looking forward to trying one of these wands. I am glad you shared the products you used. I never know what is really going to work.

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    1. Hi Kerry! Definitely try the Kenra products, they are some of my favorites!! Love that you have natural curls, I do too when I keep my hair shorter. I will have to try the Paul Mitchell cream. Love scrunching my hair in the summer and for a fun beach look! Thanks for sharing:)


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