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3-Day Refresh: Review, results + tips

I’ve been wanting to try Beach Body’s 3-Day Refresh for about a year and I finally decided to buy it and give it a try. I started the 21-Day Fix program Tuesday and wanted something to jump-start that and help me mentally prepare. I’ve done Beach Body’s workouts before and LOVE Shakeology, so I figured the 3-Day Refresh wouldn’t be too difficult. Was I right? Yes and no.

3-Day Refresh Results (3).png

It was challenging. I won’t lie — I was hungry. But am I glad I stuck to it? Yes.

3-Day Refresh explained:

The 3-Day Refresh is a short program for anyone who wants to make a clean break from bad eating habits, jump-start a healthier lifestyle and see some weight loss results in three days. Basically, you clean out your system by drinking Shakeology, vanilla shakes, fiber drinks and eating lots of veggies. It’s a vegan refresh program with absolutely zero meat involved.


What you can eat during the 3-Day Refresh is pretty straightforward. You get strict instructions to follow for the best results and the program provides options and measurements for what to eat and how much. The program also has a dinner guide to follow in the evenings. If desired, you can drink unsweetened teas or black coffee.

Breakfast: Shakeology + one fruit
Late AM: Fiber Sweep digestive drink
Lunch: Vanilla Refresh shake + one fruit + one veggie + one healthy fat
Snack: One veggie + one healthy fat
Dinner: Vanilla Fresh shake + one option from their dinner recipes list
Water: half your weight in water in addition to the water you use in your shakes.

For lunches and dinners, I did the same meals for all three days. I wanted to keep the meal prep simple and to be honest, I only found one or two of the dinner recipes appealing. For lunch, I did my Vanilla Refresh shake mixed with my fruit serving. I also had my veggie serving in carrots and healthy fat serving in avocado. Day two I discovered a list of guilt-free spices which included Pink Himalayan Salt and Chili Pepper, so I mixed a little of both of those in my avocado.

I did the same veggie and healthy fat for my snack option.

In the evenings, I used one of their dinner recipes and did the spinach salad. It contains salad greens, cucumbers, red bell peppers, broccoli, extra-virgin olive oil, lemon juice and raw sunflower seeds. I ate that with my Vanilla Refresh shake that I blended with ice, water and a bit of cinnamon. On day three I skipped my snack and had it with my dinner so I also combined my avocado and carrots in my salad.

How it went:

Day one: I shopped ahead of time for all my fruits and veggies. Going into it, I felt pretty good. I enjoyed getting back into drinking my Shakeology and having that for breakfast. I didn’t start to get hungry, or even hangry, until right before dinner.  I had my first fiber sweep drink an hour before lunch, and to be completely honest, it wasn’t that great. It had a small hint of citrus taste, but I let it sit too long and it got thick before I finished it. It was a challenge to consume.. but day two was better.

When evening came, I was beyond ready for dinner. I’m not used to skipping out on protein — I usually have chicken or ground turkey during the day — so I definitely wasn’t feeling full. Shakeology does have a great amount of nutrition in it, so it’s not like I wasn’t getting all that I needed to, but my body definitely was a bit confused. I enjoyed when I got to have my shakes because they were super tasty and filled me up during the meals. Dinner was delicious. I got a heaping big salad and I finished day one feeling accomplished.

Day two: I slept really well and woke up feeling refreshed. I actually went to bed about two hours before I usually do because I was exhausted. But day two I didn’t get super hungry again until dinner, and I looked forward to my meals. By late afternoon I was a bit tired out, hangry and even irritable–which the program claims is normal.

Day three: I let my body rest and slept in. I was wanting to weigh myself to see if there were any differences, but I wanted to make myself wait until day four so I could get the complete results. I definitely woke up feeling better day three. I slept well again and wasn’t craving all the foods my family was having for lunch. I looked forward to my shakes and the fresh veggies. I also stretched my meals a bit, and my hunger was not as immediate. I knew the program was almost over and I was excited to stick with it. By the end of the day, I also noticed I had a lot more energy and wasn’t as tired as the two previous days.


So, did it work? In three days I lost almost 4 pounds. I also lost two inches on everything I measured including hips, waist, stomach, legs, etc. For three days, I’d say that’s pretty awesome! I definitely lost a lot of water weight and feel more toned in my stomach area. I’m excited to use this to kickstart my 21 Day Fix! I’m looking forward to preparing for the spring and summer seasons!

If you want to try the 3-Day Refresh (or any of Beach Body’s programs including their workouts, Shakeology, etc.), I can help you order! Use my link here or leave a comment or reach out to me on Twitter/Instagram @fearlesseyes97 and we’ll get you all set up!

Tips + advice:

  • Keep yourself busy! I found working on projects and staying out of the main floor where our kitchen is really kept my mind off food and eating!
  • There is never a perfect time to try something like this. My family always seems to be celebrating something and we always are making good food (my mom is the best cook). Even though we had a couple Easter gatherings coming up, I decided to start it and stick to it. You might find yourself in a similar situation and I would say just go for it and don’t cheat!
  • Food prep! It was so helpful havings the veggies, fruits and healthy fats on hand that I needed!
  • Get plenty of sleep and rest! If you’re feeling tired, take a nap or go to bed early. Your body is doing a lot of working cleaning itself out and detoxing, so listen to it and rest when needed.
  • Exercise lightly or not at all! The program says to keep it to a minimum, if at all. I took three days off from toning and hitting the gym and focused on trying to hit my step goals instead.
  • Drink plenty of water! It fills you up!

Would I do it again? Yes! I was hanging on to a bit of stubborn water weight that this program helped me lose. You can do it too! If you have any questions about the 3-Day Refresh or any of the programs let me know! I’d love to help you get ready for the spring and summer seasons too!


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