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Flower truck Sundays: Ma Jolie Market

Sundays are for Jesus, good friends, brunch, ice cream adventures and flowers. I love weekends in the city, which is why I have enjoyed attending River Valley Church in Minneapolis these past couple weekends. It’s been a fun way to get downtown, soak up the love of God, connect with people and explore new places.

Today, we stumbled upon Ma Jolie Market. It’s the Twin Cities’ first mobile French market that sells a stunning array of flowers, macarons and more. The retrofitted, cream-colored 1959 VW Transporter is modeled after the classic French market and is complete with a quintessential black-and-white striped canopy.

Ma Jolie sells flowers by the stem and as stated online, their mission is to elevate the sassy, light-hearted, but effortlessly chic aesthetic inspired by this staple of French culture. From the logo to the packaging to the truck itself, the Ma Jolie brand is an homage to that certain je ne sais quoi that continues to inspire Francophiles and tastemakers the world over.


We found the adorable truck parked outside MN Nice Cream (more on that shop and experience here). We had to stop. The flowers were screaming summer and calling my name.


This little bunch of flowers was about $20. Prices vary depending on the flowers selected. To see when and where you can find Ma Jolie, check out their Instagram here.


Where’s your favorite place to find summer flowers? Let me know! Got any fun Minnesota places I should check out and highlight? I’d love to hear from you! Leave me a comment or reach out on social media @fearlesseyes97


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