About Ashley and Fearless Eyes Productions

Hello! Welcome to Fearless Eyes Productions. A site dedicated to allIMG_2322
the crazy adventures I experience during this life. My name is Ashley, I’m 20 and currently living in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. On this blog, you’ll get a glimpse into some of my favorite things – which typically involves spontaneity, exploration, and traveling.

I’m currently in college at the University of Northwestern (UNW) which means most days I spend a majority of my time studying. I’m majoring in Electronic Media Communications with an emphasis in Multimedia Journalism. It’s a fun major that continues to challenge me, but I love it. It allows me to creatively experiment in all areas of tv news, radio, design and layout, and writing. I started a What’s Trending segment working with UNW’s Eagle 7 News that you can see in some of my posts and vlogs on my site.

On my blog, you can find highlights of concerts, road trips, fashion, pop culture, travel, and so much more. I have a lot of interests and I love to share my adventures! Fearless Eyes Productions was created because throughout life my ultimate goal has been to live fearlessly. I want to take every day one step at a time and live completely in the moment. To me, being fearless doesn’t mean not having any fears, it means living in spite of those fears and tackling them head on by having the courage to encounter whatever life throws your way. This site is a way for me to creatively process life and reflect on the things I find relevant and remarkable. If you’re tagging along through my posts – I’m excited to have you here! I aspire to encourage you to make the most out of the life that you have and to never turn down a spontaneous adventure.

My favorite author Karen Kingsbury once said it’s important to love well, laugh often, and live your life for Christ. With that, welcome to my life! I hope my excitement and audacity for life impacts you to live fiercely and fearlessly!

Jeremiah 29:11





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